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    Parts Supplier for Most Makes and Models

    JCS PARTS originated as a specialist in Commodore spare parts in 1991, but we have since expanded to provide our customers with auto parts for a wide range of vehicles. We have built a reputation for having the largest range of car parts across our three retail outlet locations and our experienced staff and specialised services mean we are equipped to deal with a variety of auto related requests. JCS PARTS is the premier auto dismantler and provider of car parts in Adelaide. 

    We are a leading parts dealer and auto wrecker in Adelaide. At JCS PARTS we dismantle a wide range of different makes and models of cars to offer our customers the biggest range of spare auto parts such as; Holden parts, Toyota parts,Ford parts, Mitsubishi parts, Mazda parts, Nissan parts, Hyundai parts and more.  We also have a huge range of second hand engines, car accessories and tyres in Adelaide.

    Search our database first! if we don't have the part you’re looking for we will locate one for you!


    Since our operation throughout the 90’s, JCS has adopted a “dismantle right now” philosophy. Our well trained, highly professional and experienced staff will select, test, dismantle, clean, pack and rack parts to provide to our customers and also recycle any parts we have deemed not fit for sale. This means that instead of keeping wrecks, we have a compiled a warehouse of varying parts. This process allows us to offer our customers the products immediately and through the rigorous testing and our five quality control points, JCS PARTS is able to eliminate defective parts and parts of poor quality.

    Huge range of new and used auto parts


    Alongside the spare parts we dismantle, JCS PARTS also stocks new and reconditioned spare parts for your needs. Whatever part your vehicle may require, there is a high chance that we have it in stock or at the very least, are able to advise you of where it may be found through our part locating service. We dismantle all makes and models, offering our customers a range of spare auto parts directly from our wrecker outlets.

    We offer:

    Holden Parts
    Toyota Parts
    Nissan Parts
    Ford Parts
    Mitsubishi Parts

    4x4 Parts

    If we don't have the part your looking for we will locate one for you


    We provide our services to clients internationally, including places such as the Middle East, New Zealand, the United States and England. Our customer base and client relationships range from farmers to dealerships and general car lovers. 


    Our knowledgeable, experienced and friendly staff is always willing to help and because of our specialisation, we are able to provide our clients with an extremely high quality level of service and assistance. Our social awareness means that all of our stores have been ‘green stamped’ which means we adhere to certain standards to ensure that our operation is always environmentally friendly. We at JCS have always been known as the ‘parts people who care’.

    Please contact usfor any of your spare parts needs or if you simply want to make an enquiry about our services.


    The JCS PARTS Team.